How to Treat Acne in Adults & How Much Does It Cost?

Until I turned 25, I thought acne was a problem for teenagers, and even then not for everyone. Once I had to be convinced of the opposite. Two years ago, I first had a rash on my face. I started looking for information about acne in adults and learned that there is age-related acne.

The Peculiarities of US HealthCare System – Pros and Cons

Medical care in the United States is truly admirable by both its advanced technologies used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and rather impressive prices. However, the high cost of treatment in US medical centers is often due to the equally high chances of a favorable outcome in the most complex invasive interventions: heart,…

How Is Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treated?

Hidradenitis Suppurativa appears on the skin due to blockage and rupture of the hair follicle. The disease is characterized by the formation of an inflammatory process that affects the sweat glands. Another name for this form of hidradenitis is inverse acne. This disease affects a person after puberty. Its peculiarity is the combination of inflammation…